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Custom T-Shirt Screen Printing Knoxville TN

Perfect Logo Promotions is a full service Knoxville screen printing company. We pride ourselves in having access to state of the art equipment with the ability to print jobs of all sizes. Screen Printing (or serigraphy) is a printing technique that converts a graphic into a multi-layered film, which is then applied onto garments. White ink is most cost effective when your design is a single color. Screen Printing, like embroidery is used on almost all type of garments and many types of fabrics.

The Benefits Of Screen Printing Custom T-Shirts:

  • Creates high end products with shading and gradients.
  • Is fairly inexpensive.
  • Can recreate a very detailed logo. This cannot be done with embroidery.
  • Large designs typically do not add to the cost.

Best Screen Printing Knoxville TN

Custom T-Shirt Pricing
When placing a screen printing order for the first time you will have three costs.

Price per shirt. Price can be determined by quantity of shirt order, type and brand of shirt (i.e. long sleeve vs short, pocket vs no pocket, cotton vs dry fit), colors of imprint on artwork, number of locations of imprint.

Screens – screens are a per order fee. This cost is not per shirt but is an order cost.

Artwork – Artwork is a onetime fee as long as there are no changes. Changes consist of size of art, additional information in art (adding or changing phone number or website etc.). If art is one color, for example white ink on black shirts, and you wanted to change the shirt color to white with black in that would not be considered a change. See below Art Requirements to see how to supply art and charges.